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The wooden decks we create are second to none in appearance and consistency. As we provide the technical skills and experience required for an outstanding finished product, our skilled contractors have established our position as the number one, most trusted wooden deck builders in Northern Virginia. Using a smart combination of high-quality wood, industrial-quality equipment, and instruments, our team of expert deck builders performs rapid and reliable work. We work tirelessly to produce a beautiful, solid, and long-lasting wooden deck that you’ll love, from personalized deck designs to the final on-site cleanup.

The weather that we encounter in the Ashburn region is better experienced outdoors, and we are here to help if you’re looking for a perfect way to soak in the sun at home. Our deck installation services cover everything from high-quality materials procurement, to effective project management and professional construction jobs. We want to make sure that your deck is designed as a beautiful area outside to compliment your home and lifestyle and, as such, we design decks that emphasize structural integrity and architectural value, so that not only will your deck look great, but it is built to last.

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Our team is here to assist in every way we can, if you are ready to get started on your deck installation, or are interested in more details on the advantages a deck has for a home. You will not only see a team working to create the highest quality deck by choosing our team for your outdoor upgrade projects, but you will receive work from a team passionate about the work we do. You will be able to enjoy your house unlike ever before, backed by a beautiful deck that is constructed with unparalleled workmanship and high-quality materials, with the decks we create.

There are countless ways to add beautiful finishing touches to your newly built deck, and our team has the solutions for you if you’re looking for the perfect way to seal, secure, and maintain your outdoor area from severe weather conditions. We also installed waterproof deck facilities that are designed to add a coating that protects your deck base from humidity and rain. Water damage can easily become a detriment to your deck, causing, among other serious problems, mildew and mold formation, allowing us to waterproof your deck to ensure years of stress-free use of the deck.


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It’s important to choose skilled and registered contractors to ensure the best results when it comes to extending your residence. For an efficient deck installation for your house, our team is here with all the expertise and equipment you need, we take time to understand the lay of your landscape and work with open communication to build the perfect deck for you. In order to achieve the perfect look and function for your home, we give customers a range of personalized options that enable you to tailor your deck. Our team is the one you can trust to build your dream deck today, no matter whether you’re looking for custom-made deck designs, professional wood deck finishes, or unique deck additions.

Our Promise

Design Deck of Ashburn is here with all you need for the best results when you’re ready to get your property improvement projects underway with the best deck builders in the industry. We are proud to provide a variety of services, including everything from professional installation of a porch and deck, installation of a Trex deck, beautiful gazebos and construction of pavilions, resurfacing, and more. Our certified contractors work on everything from sourcing quality construction materials to protective finishes when it comes to deck building, to keep your deck not only looking beautiful today, but for many years to come. Boasting some of the most competitive prices for deck installation services as well as porches, we are a smart decision for the quality and appearance of your property.